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Overview of Services:

SCCI uses GPS technology to achieve the vertical tolerances demanded on airport runway projects. Using Topcon's 3D-GPS+ automatic machine control system with Millimeter GPS has enabled SCCI to eliminate staking and meet the required vertical tolerance of one-hundredth of a foot. Topcon is also involved in developing new and innovative systems for concrete placement through TSD Integrated Controls.


Detail of Services:


Concrete / Asphalt Removal and Recycling



Base Construction

Concrete Slab Replacement

Spall Repair

Joint Seal Replacement 7

Concrete Paving

Concrete Sawing and Sealing

Concrete Slab Removal

Under Drains

Tie Down Installation

Partial and Full Depth Repair

Project Budget Consulting


Equipment & Technical Details:

Summers Concrete Contracting, Inc. operates with a modern equipment fleet with an equipment replacement value of 6 million dollars.Our equipment is purchased and maintained to construct high quality durable concrete pavements “on-time”. The FAA and military specifications that we perform to are the most stringent in the construction industry.

Our mainline paver is a Gomaco GP2600 Slipform Paver fed by our Gomaco RTP500 with which we consistently achieve profilograph results of less than 6 inches per mile. Our two portable on-site batch plants are Cemco models producing high quality, low slump concrete in excess of 300 cubic yards per hour.

Its dust collection system is state of the art; easily meeting state and federal air quality requirements.

We have invested heavily in grading technology for our grading equipment utilizing Topcon Millimeter GPS/ Lazer Zone. This allows us to control our vertical surfaces to plus or minus one hundredth of a foot. We typically grade a runway or taxiway without stakes or hubs. This increases our accuracy and production.