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William R. Pearson, P.E.
Pearson Engineering-
"The quality of their workmanship is without a doubt the best that I have ever encountered and is most likely the best in the industry."

Robert J. Beletic
Colonel, USAF
"...you are a group of true professionals and the methods you used to execute this project were outstanding!"


Meeting Tomorrows Challenges Today

SCCI's constructions methods continue to meet and exceed the most strenuous Federal Standards requirements. Years of Innovation and Implementation have been the key in our ablity to meet the goals of the most demanding of projects.

GPS Accuracy

Our mainline paver is a Gomaco GP2600 Slipform Paver fed by our Gomaco RTP500 with which we consistently achieve profilograph results of less than 6 inches per mile. Our two portable on-site batch plants are Cemco models producing high quality, low slump concrete in excess of 300 cubic yards per hour.

We have invested heavily in grading technology for our grading equipment utilizing Topcon Millimeter GPS/ Lazer Zone. This allows us to control our vertical surfaces to plus or minus one hundredth of a foot. We typically grade a runway or taxiway without stakes or hubs. This increases our accuracy and production

Investing In the Future

Being prepared for tomorows challenges. Summers Concrete Contracting, Inc. operates with a modern equipment fleet with an equipment replacement value of 6 million dollars.Our equipment is purchased and maintained to construct high quality durable concrete pavements “on-time”. The FAA and military specifications that we perform to are the most stringent in the construction industry.